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The average reader spends less than 30 seconds on a resume. Does the essence of your story come across loud and clear?

What is it?

Already have your resume? Great! Is it up to date with all the amazing things you’ve been doing in the last couple of years? That’s a start but an MBA resume and a recruiting resume are different things. Our Resume Editing service marries your story, messaging, and accomplishments into a narrative that’ll leave the adcom wanting more!

This option is perfect for you if...

  • You have already drafted your resume
  • You want a thorough review from a team with the perfect balance of perspective and expertise
  • You don’t hate the thought of someone ripping your resume apart with love

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How does it work?

Your typical admissions committee member will spend an average of one minute reviewing your resume. In that one minute, he or she will know right away if you have the ability to handle the workload of an MBA program and be highly sought after candidate for top recruiters.

An MBA resume is much more than a summary of your experiences – it’s an integral part of your messaging. It provides the admissions committees another perspective into who you are. In most cases, it is the only thing your interviewer sees of your application before they kick off the process that could change your life.

Your resume has the responsibility of succinctly telling your target programs who you are, what makes you tick, and your potential. We take an often downplayed section of the process and help you convert it into a core component of your story that captures your impact and showcases a balanced application. What our resume services provide that applicants may struggle to do on their own is the ability to dig deeper into work experiences and uncover key actions and results that aren’t immediately apparent on a resume. It’s about finding those gems and communicating them in the most effective way that transforms an average resume into a compelling resume.

We don’t just look at your resume once. That isn’t enough.


A resume requires focus, introspection, and refinement.


So we look at it twice!

1st Round

The 1st round focuses on content. This isn’t where we make your resume pretty. Our focus for this round is all about capturing what you have done. We push you to dig deeper to share critical experiences and accomplishments. We challenge you to capture impact, scope, and value. This is where we make sure you’ve collected all the puzzle pieces.

2nd Round

Now let’s make art! This round is all about taking the raw, glorious material we gathered in the 1st round and making it work together.  There’s a lot that goes into an effective resume and we’re going to pull every lever. From embedding impact into every line to making sure the apostrophes all face the same way (yeah, that’s a thing), we’re going to get our hands dirty!


Standard Service

(3 day guaranteed turn around per round)

Need it in a hurry?

(24 hour turn around per round)

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