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It wasn’t a sales call. We didn’t talk about services or packages. The focus was on me – my questions and needs. To be honest, your approach spoke volumes and, in the end, that’s why I chose Critical Square!

I had free consultations with half a dozen other firms by the time I spoke to you guys. I was starting to expect less and less with each call but your insights, candor, and genuine care just knocked my socks off!

I wanted to thank you guys for never making me feel like I was on the clock. You were patient and answered every one of my questions. I walked away from our call more calm and collected. I owe that to you!

I think what sold me on Critical Square was the fact that, more than a week after our call, I sent an email with a question I had and got a response within hours. You all really just cared. You wanted to help me and I wasn’t even your client yet!

This is a pretty stressful process so thanks for one of the most enjoyable free consultations I had. We were talking about a really important topic but you kept it fun and it was the start of a great relationship!

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