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I started out wondering if I could even crack a top 10 admit due to my low gpa and ended the process with TWO round 1 top 5 admits and 1 with a huge scholarship! He tore all my essays to pieces and wasn’t afraid of hurting my feelings by calling out BS. Thanks to Bhavik and Critical Square I’ll be matriculating at Booth in the fall of 2015!

Booth | University Chicago

Hire these guys. Seriously – do it. You won’t regret it. I came to Critical Square because my friends at the firm I worked for had used them and were heading off to some amazing programs. The entire process was professional and thorough and even my recommenders noticed. I’m excited to be starting at Wharton this fall and I wanted to thank John and his team for helping me get there!

Wharton | University of Pennsylvania

Things have worked out even better than I had hoped! I was accepted into all three schools to which I applied and I am currently deciding whether to attend Berkeley Haas (my top choice) with a scholarship or Michigan Ross where I have been offered a full fellowship. To say I am delighted by this outcome is an understatement!

Haas | University of California, Berkeley

After a career in venture capital, I was ready for something different. But I told myself if I was going to get my MBA, it had to be worth the time and money. They helped with everything. I don’t think a lot of people who say they’re going to go H/S/W or bust even get in, much less have the opportunity to CHOOSE where they’re headed. You guys are amazing!

Harvard Business School

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Build a More Genuine and Compelling MBA Application

Selling a compelling MBA application  to an Admission Committee requires applicants to peel back the layers and show a genuine portrayal of themselves as a professional and individual. Yet many applicants struggle to convince the admissions committee that they are real people with passions, dreams, and values that have been fundamental to their past accomplishments and the fuel for their future successes. Poor writing skills, strict essay word count limits, and stressful interviews can easily leave the admissions committee clueless about an applicant’s identity and purpose. In order to better deliver a more genuine and convincing MBA application we have come up with the following tips: Avoid listing adjectives An admissions committee doesn’t want to hear a response that starts off with “I am” and is followed by a long list of adjectives like creative, innovative, analytical, collaborative, etc. Thesaurus much? Instead they want to hear about actions that you have taken and come to their own conclusions on what kind of individual you are. That’s why your goal should be story building with memorable anecdotes so that your resume, essays, and interviews showcase what you are really capable of doing and the great person you are. Subtlety is key. Anyone can say they’re innovative. But it means nothing to the reader or interviewer if there is no tangible evidence of the attribute. Word selection makes a difference When it comes to being genuine word selection is key. When it comes to describing a situation, the words you select to create a visual representation will influence how your reader or interviewer perceives you. For example, someone who describes their role...

How to Start Building a Strong MBA Application Early in Your Career

You are already miles ahead of the competition if you are just starting out early in your career, and you are already thinking about the MBA application process. The great resource that any applicant can have is time on his or her side. The question is where to focus your time on your internships, jobs, extracurricular activities, and GMAT preparation to make sure that your profile will be competitive at top MBA programs like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton. If you are only thinking about these things a year before applying to business school, it’s likely too late. Our goal with this post is to give you a guide to preparing for the MBA application process early in your career by pointing out what really matters. During Your College Internships: We really do mean that it is never too early to think about an MBA. If you know you want to go down a career path in investment banking, consulting, or strategy, you can bet that there is an MBA coming in your future. Here’s how to make the most of that internship: With an internship, you don’t get much time to work on a big project and make a big impact, not to the mention the scope of your work is often limited. If you follow the script and the responsibilities that come with a typical internship, you’re not going to have too many highlights to call out when you are looking back 4 to 5 years from now. A strong course of action interns can take is to spend time talking to leaders around the company and find...

What is a Good Extracurricular for My MBA Application?

In this blog post we feature our response to a great question asked on Quora on the topic of extracurricular activities on your MBA application. The question is: ” What is a good extracurricular stat for those people who typically get into HBS or Wharton MBA? Is it highly recommended to own a successful business? “ Our response: With extracurriculars there is no one organization or one leadership position that will automatically signal to the admissions committee that you are worthy of a seat in their program. It all comes down to the impact and passion you dedicate to the extracurricular activities that you share. I can’t tell you how many people list things like running a marathon, captaining a sports team, or serving on a non-profit board thinking that this single bullet point is enough to check the extracurricular box. The extracurriculars that matter need to be an extension of your best traits and qualities outside of the office work environment. Rather than provide a stat, you must absolutely provide a story. So let’s go back to your example. Launching a successful business is great because you learn about failure, taking risks, making decisions, leading people, and winning customers. All of which is a recipe for good leadership and success in business. However, not everyone starts a business and these same qualities can come across in almost any other extracurricular activity if you tell the story right. Let’s say you do want to use marathon running as your extracurricular activity. Well were you running and training for a cause? How did you raise money, what did you learn about yourself in...

Is an MBA Worth It to a Successful Banker?

A successful female banker under 30 and making six figures recently asked us is an MBA worth leaving for if her current job has her set up for a very lucrative future career.  The kicker is that she hates being in banking and is looking for a career change before she burns out. She aspires to be a CEO/CFO in tech or maybe start a career in entrepreneurship and is wondering if the high cost of an elite business school is worth the connections and career opportunities. As MBA admissions consultants, we come across many applicants that are facing this dilemma. They have done everything correctly in their careers so far and have been successful in crushing it in their respective industry.  Despite the success, the long hours and/or lack of fulfillment in their work has driven these individuals to seek greener pastures in another industry. In terms of an exit strategy, an MBA seems to be a great option – but is it really the right option? Here is the guidance we gave her to help make that decision: “For this discussion we won’t get into the argument of sticking with a career you hate but pays well versus taking a risk and switching your career to something new. Let’s assume you are ready to jump ship – which, in your situation, an MBA is perfect for an aspiring career switcher like yourself looking to move away from banking. Because banking is so niche, your skills and experience often doesn’t translate well to careers outside the banking/corporate finance industry. Tech companies and start-ups typically don’t have a need ex-bankers to run...