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We’re glad you asked! Our diverse backgrounds and admissions expertise help us drive real results. Discover what makes us the perfect MBA admissions consulting partner!

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From Comprehensive Packages to Hourly and A la Carte Services, we have something for everyone. Find out which is right for you! Not sure? We can help! Let’s chat about the process ahead.

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We’ve been doing MBA admissions consulting for a while and learned a few things along the way. We’d like to share them with you. For free. Because we think you’re awesome!

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I started out wondering if I could even crack a top 10 admit due to my low gpa and ended the process with TWO round 1 top 5 admits and 1 with a huge scholarship! He tore all my essays to pieces and wasn’t afraid of hurting my feelings by calling out BS. Thanks to Bhavik and Critical Square I’ll be matriculating at Booth in the fall of 2015!

Booth | University Chicago

Hire these guys. Seriously – do it. You won’t regret it. I came to Critical Square because my friends at the firm I worked for had used them and were heading off to some amazing programs. The entire process was professional and thorough and even my recommenders noticed. I’m excited to be starting at Wharton this fall and I wanted to thank John and his team for helping me get there!

Wharton | University of Pennsylvania

Things have worked out even better than I had hoped! I was accepted into all three schools to which I applied and I am currently deciding whether to attend Berkeley Haas (my top choice) with a scholarship or Michigan Ross where I have been offered a full fellowship. To say I am delighted by this outcome is an understatement!

Haas | University of California, Berkeley

After a career in venture capital, I was ready for something different. But I told myself if I was going to get my MBA, it had to be worth the time and money. They helped with everything. I don’t think a lot of people who say they’re going to go H/S/W or bust even get in, much less have the opportunity to CHOOSE where they’re headed. You guys are amazing!

Harvard Business School

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Is an MBA Worth It to a Successful Banker?

A successful female banker under 30 and making six figures recently asked us is an MBA worth leaving for if her current job has her set up for a very lucrative future career.  The kicker is that she hates being in banking and is looking for a career change before she burns out. She aspires to be a CEO/CFO in tech or maybe start a career in entrepreneurship and is wondering if the high cost of an elite business school is worth the connections and career opportunities . As MBA admissions consultants come across many applicants that are facing this dilemma. They have done everything right in their careers so far and have been successful in crushing it in their respective industry.  Despite the success, the long hours and/or lack of fulfillment in their work has driven these individuals to seek greener pastures in another industry. In terms of an exit strategy, an MBA seems to be the perfect option but is it really the right option? Here is the guidance we gave her to help make that decision: “For this discussion we won’t get into the argument of sticking with a career you hate but pays well versus taking a risk and switching your career to something new. Let’s assume you are ready to jump ship which in your situation, an MBA is perfect for an aspiring career switcher like yourself looking to move away from banking. Because banking is so niche, your skills and experience often doesn’t translate well to careers outside the banking/corporate finance industry. Tech companies and start-ups typically don’t have a need ex-bankers to run...

The Essential Guide to Applying to Wharton

As the first collegiate school of business, Wharton’s has been a top choice for many seeking a career in business since 1881. While Wharton gets a lot of attention and recognition for its alumni and achievements in the financial world, its MBA program also ranks highly in areas like consulting, marketing, and even entrepreneurship. Like other elite programs such as Harvard, Stanford, and Booth, Wharton attracts some of the best applicants from around the world so applying to Wharton means bringing you’re A-game. Last year Wharton pulled in over 6,000 applications but posted a higher acceptance rate of 20.7% when compared to Harvard (11%) and Stanford (7.1%). In this guide to applying to Wharton, we will provide some brotherly love and go over what makes up an ideal Wharton applicant and highlight some important considerations for your application.   Profile of a Strong Applicant. At its core, Wharton is known for being analytical, data-driven, fact-based and quantitative. Demonstrating these qualities in your application is essential as the admissions committee will want to make sure you can handle the rigorous and challenging courses offered as well as offer the right characteristics that top employers are looking for during recruiting season. Having a strong quant background from your past work experience is a big plus. Coming from an elite undergraduate program or working for a highly prestigious feeder company can also boost your odds as this interesting article from Poets and Quants reveals. It should also go without saying that you need to rock the quant section of the GMAT. Aim to target for at least the 80th percentile to make...

Do I Need an MBA Admissions Consultant for my Application?

Do i need an MBA admissions consultant when I consider myself a pretty good planner and writer with a decent profile? That’s a really good question that many applicants ask and our response is that we don’t think there’s a single applicant out there who couldn’t use a hand with their application – even if it’s just a second set of eyes looking over their essays or polishing up their resume. Yes the price tag is stiff and turns off many applicants but for many applicants it is a worthwhile investment. Now we aren’t writing this to sell you just because we’re an admissions consulting firm. Sure, there’s a bit of bias there but, having worked with clients from every country and walk of life you can think of, getting professional help isn’t just for the clueless or ultra wealthy. Getting into a top MBA program has become a challenging and complex game that goes beyond your GMAT score, GPA, and years of work experience. As more people than ever from around the world apply for a limited number of seats at the top programs out there, we’re running into a serious supply and demand issue here that becomes challenging for all stakeholders. It’s not that admissions committees are a discriminating bunch (they really aren’t!). There’s just an overabundance of similarly qualified applicants to choose from and the admissions committees of top MBA programs want to create a diverse and well balanced class to provide a wonderful learning experience for every student. Unfortunately, this means that even if you are qualified to be part of a top program, that...

Why Worrying About Your GMAT Score as an International MBA Applicant is Wrong

When chatting with international MBA applicants, usually the first thing that comes up is if their GMAT score is high enough. There’s a misconception out there – especially strong with Indian and Chinese applicants – that a 750+ GMAT score is an automatic entry into Harvard, Stanford, or Wharton. Clearly these are geniuses that MBA programs want to fill their classroom with right? Well you would be surprised at how many international applicants with high GMAT scores get dinged. They’re left in shock that any school would turn them down. How dare they?! But to us, it isn’t that surprising. In most cases these applicants didn’t get in because they don’t have a unique story. Many international applicants are typically overconfident that their test scores and GPA will carry their applications. They’ve been raised in an environment and culture where the best possible grades and scores are all that mattered. In countries like India and China these are the most important, and often times the only, factors that determined undergraduate admissions and post graduation careers. Why expect anything different when applying to business school? Especially if you pair strong academic performance with a respectable career in IT, engineering, or business. Well, the reality is that MBA programs don’t just focus on the quantitative measures. The qualitative aspects of applicants – such as their personality, ability to manage conflict, talent to inspire and lead others, and passion in an area of interest – matter. A LOT. Way more than most applicants realize. Admissions committees want interesting applicants that have the people skills and emotional intelligence to become future leaders. They aren’t as interested in the smart, robotic number crunchers that can process...